From Helping Patients to Healing People

Patient care is personal at Westchester Family Medical Practice, PC.

Iyad Annabi, MD, FAAFP, primary care physician at Westchester Family Medical Practice, PC, and Director of Family Medicine at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, realized his calling was in family medicine after completing rotations in various specialties. In 1995, he established Westchester Family Medical Practice and quickly laid the foundation for a whole-patient focus.

Today, his team consists of an outstanding medical staff, including board-certified physicians Saba Moizuddin, MD, and Katarzyna Jankowska, MD, and family nurse practitioner Joan Cherian. The whole team shares the same philosophy and compassion.

“I chose to implement elements I believe a practice should have,” says Dr. Annabi, who is board-certified in family medicine. “These include getting to know patients on a personal level and spending the appropriate amount of time with them.”

His primary focus is staying current with the latest updates in medicine to provide the best care to his patients.

Another major component is demonstrated by the care provided to the patients as soon as they walk through the doors. A comfortable atmosphere not only helps put patients at ease but also increases the likelihood that they will be open about their medical issues. With this in mind, the front-office staff fosters a warm environment where patients feel comfortable.

“Our staff knows every patient and greets them by name when they walk in,” Dr. Annabi says. “We maintain this welcoming atmosphere throughout the visit. This makes for a relaxed patient experience that cultivates trust.”

Because he values the patient-physician relationship, Dr. Annabi doesn’t rush patients through appointments.

In addition to providing treatment for diverse conditions — ranging from sore throats to emergencies necessitating admission to the intensive care unit at St. John’s Riverside Hospital — Dr. Annabi offers patients:

  • general health and dietary education
  • preventive care
  • routine physicals
  • vaccinations

Dr. Annabi, who has privileges at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, refers patients there for more specialized, inpatient treatment when necessary and vigilantly monitors them during hospitalization. As a result, he faces no gaps in medical information upon a patient’s discharge and return to his care.

An Eye on Prevention

Predicated upon each patient’s medical history, Dr. Annabi aims to safeguard against diseases for which patients have risk factors by addressing preventive measures during annual physical examinations. Prevention can take many forms, including vaccination, specialist referral or diabetic screening.

The American Diabetes Association has designated Westchester Family Medical Practice a Recognized Education Program for its commitment to educating patients about the risk factors for the disease, as well as preventive care. Dr. Annabi explains that close partnership with diabetes educators has been instrumental in involving patients in their own care and encouraging compliance with preventive and/or management strategies.

“I care for the whole patient,” Dr. Annabi says. “My interests are in addressing routine medical issues and practicing preventive medicine to stop some diseases before they start.”

Source: MD News September 2013, Lower Hudson/Bronx Edition



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