Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine Opens in Hingham

Only Outpatient Center of Its Kind in Southeastern Massachusetts

People in southeastern Massachusetts who have orthopedic, spine or sports-related conditions now have access to a level of musculoskeletal care previously unavailable in the region with the opening of South Shore Hospital’s ambulatory Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine. The new outpatient facility is located at 2 Pond Park in Hingham, at Exit 15/Derby Street off Route 3.

South Shore Hospital and South Shore Orthopedics have worked collaboratively to envision and develop the facility. The ambulatory center offers convenient access to a full range of outpatient services to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions and brings together an extensive team of orthopedic, surgical, rehabilitation, pain management and diagnostic imaging experts who specialize in treating a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions.

“At our center, we treat a wide range of bone, joint and muscle conditions,” says Owen McConville, M.D, Chair of South Shore Hospital’s Orthopedic Department and a member of South Shore Orthopedics. Dr. McConville, who is fellowship trained in sports medicine and shoulder surgery, specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery, including total shoulder replacement. “There is no other program like it in southeastern Massachusetts,” he adds.

Orthopedic surgeons affiliated with South Shore Hospital who perform surgery at the center include Michael Ayers, M.D.; Matthew Boardman, D.O.; Arthur Bowman, M.D.; Mark Bulman, M.D.; Leonid Dabuzhsky, M.D.; Erica Dafford, M.D.; James Devin, M.D.; Peter Dewire, M.D.; Michael Geary, M.D.; Stanley Hom, M.D.; Michael Marchetti, M.D.; Dr. McConville; Michael Rowland, M.D.; Christopher Rynne, M.D.; Glen Seidman, M.D.; and Walter Stanwood, M.D.

Podiatric surgical care will be provided by James Chrzan, D.P.M.; Gary Count, D.P.M.; Timothy Curran, M.D.; Mark Lawrence, D.P.M.; Robert O’Leary Jr., D.P.M.; Daniel Riley, D.P.M.; Wynn Perlick, D.P.M.; and Thomas Vorderer, D.P.M.

Organized for Patient Convenience, Comfort

“Our goal in developing the Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine has been to create an environment where patients and families have seamless and convenient access to care,” says Dr. Ayers, a member of South Shore Orthopedics who is fellowship trained in joint replacement. “For example, our clinicians are supported by an integrated electronic medical record and radiology system to enhance patient care communication and coordination.”

The ambulatory Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine occupies two floors and approximately 50,000 square feet of a new, 75,000-square-foot building owned by A.W. Perry of Boston and Hingham. South Shore Orthopedics has relocated its offices to the building’s first floor. Also on the building’s first floor are South Shore Hospital’s diagnostic imaging services — including CT, MRI and ultrasound — as well as convenient phlebotomy services.

The outpatient surgical center occupies much of the building’s second floor. The surgical area features a hospitality area for patients and families, a presurgical evaluation area, six operating suites, and a perioperative unit with 18 beds for pre- and postsurgery use. Adjacent to the operating rooms is a central processing department, where surgical equipment and instruments are sterilized and surgical kits are prepared.

“The new orthopedic surgery center is a great asset to both the patients and surgeons of the South Shore. It’s local and convenient for patients, with the best equipment and infrastructure for surgeons,” says Dr. Rynne.

South Shore Hospital’s Pain Management Program has relocated from the hospital’s main campus to the new building’s second floor. The Pain Management Program features pretreatment and recovery areas, as well as two treatment rooms that are equipped with imaging equipment that is used during certain pain management interventions.

“Our ultrasound-guided nerve blocks have transformed what traditionally was a painful postoperative experience to a comfortable one. Our pain physicians see patients in the pain clinic and perform fluoroscopically guided nerve blocks. I am proud to say that our surgical patients benefit from the best anesthetic techniques available, while our pain patients have the convenience of a comprehensive service close to home,” says David Wong, M.D., Chair of Anesthesiology at South Shore Hospital.

The building’s third floor, which is scheduled to open in spring 2012, will feature outpatient physical therapy, clinical offices and South Shore Hospital’s popular Concussion Management Clinic. The third floor will also host a spine center and clinical offices for neurosurgery, rheumatology, physiatry and neurology. Conference space for patient and family education, community wellness events, and clinical education has been incorporated into the design.

The move to the new building will allow the expansion of South Shore Hospital’s Concussion Management Clinic’s hours and physicians. Patients will be seen five days a week in the clinic for evaluation, treatment planning and rehabilitative therapy.

“It’s vital that student athletes are seen in the concussion clinic as soon as possible after their injuries, and having all of the aspects of our clinic in one place will enhance our ability to provide those services,” says Janet Kent, M.D., Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at South Shore Hospital.

Having services all in one place is something patients have come to expect. “More and more patients want to be treated locally in their communities. They want full-service care closer to home. They want it to be easier for their family members to visit them after surgery and to take them for follow-up care,” says Dr. McConville. “Our center offers all of this and more.”

“We’ll be able to see patients and then provide MRI, X-ray, surgery and rehab in our building,” says 
Dr. Boardman, a fellowship-trained hand surgery specialist. “We’ll literally have every aspect of outpatient musculoskeletal medicine under one roof.”

An Experienced Team

“The surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other clinicians at our center are highly experienced,” says Dr. McConville. “We work well together and have been recognized for the quality and safety of our care.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has designated South Shore Hospital as a Blue Distinction Center for Hip and Knee Replacement. Blue Distinction Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement demonstrate an expertise in quality care, which results in better overall outcomes for patients by meeting objective clinical measures developed with input from expert physicians and medical organizations.

South Shore Hospital’s orthopedic program also has earned high performance marks in U.S. News & World Report’s national hospital rankings — helping place South Shore Hospital among the “Best Regional Hospitals” in the Boston area.
Dr. Geary, a member of South Shore Orthopedics who is fellowship trained in sports medicine, is particularly excited about the new center.

“Sports medicine patients range from high school athletes to weekend warriors,” says Dr. Geary. “With the new center, we’ll be able to develop more organized and efficient patient treatment plans. Our proximity to various clinicians within the center benefits patients because we can consult more easily and frequently with each other about patient progress.”

“While most of my time is spent dealing with emergency situations, I’m already looking forward to working in the new center,” says Dr. Dafford, a fellowship-trained orthopedic trauma specialist who recently joined South Shore Orthopedics. “Two days a week, patients will be able to see me for their postoperative follow-up visits in the new building. If patients need an X-ray or an MRI, I’ll be able to talk directly to the radiologist. It will all be streamlined for the patients. It’s patient and family friendly.”

Dr. Johnson, Medical Director of Neurosurgery at South Shore Hospital, believes the new center will improve the overall provision of spinal care. “Right now, if a patient has back pain and wants to explore treatment options, he or she may have to travel to three or four locations for testing, consultations and treatment. At the center, we’ll manage triage, treatment strategies and follow up — all under one roof. Spine patients won’t have to come back next week or drive across town to get help,” explains Dr. Johnson. “Whether or not patients need surgery, we will manage their care with a 
centralized approach. Ultimately, this 
is about providing quality in a central facility with cross-communication among the specialties.”

“Because the ambulatory care facility is a collaborative effort between South Shore Orthopedics, LLC and South Shore Hospital, there are lots of good perspectives about how to organize and provide patient care,” says Dr. Marchetti, a member of South Shore Orthopedics who is fellowship trained in sports medicine and will serve as the Medical Director of the outpatient center.

A Continuum of Orthopedic Care

The new facility is one essential part of South Shore Hospital’s comprehensive approach to orthopedic, spine and sports medicine. Services also include trauma care, inpatient orthopedic and spine care, and home health care.

South Shore Hospital is licensed 
by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health as a Level II trauma center. The hospital’s trauma team — comprising trauma surgeons, surgical specialists, emergency medicine physicians, nurses and additional 
specialized staff — is ready to respond immediately and work effectively together to provide optimal care 
to injured patients from arrival in the hospital’s main campus (located at 55 Fogg Road Weymouth) emergency department to discharge. South Shore Hospital is the only Level II trauma provider in southeastern Massachusetts — including the Cape and Islands.

South Shore Hospital provides a 
highly structured rehabilitation program for patients recovering from a broad 
range of orthopedic conditions, including joint replacement surgery. Skilled 
orthopedic rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to restoring function, relieving pain, preventing disability, and helping patients reach their utmost level of 
function and independence. Rehabilitation services are offered to patients within 
the hospital setting and in their 
homes through South Shore Visiting Nurse Association.

For more information about the Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine, please call (781) 624-MORE (6673).



MD News September 2011, South of Boston



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