Boca Raton Regional Hospital Implants First MRI Compatible Pacemaker

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is now using the Revo MRITM SureScan® pacing system, the first MR-Conditional pacing system designed, tested and FDA approved for use in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) environment.

BOCA RATON, FL — Prior to the Revo MRI SureScan pacing system, MRI procedures for patients with implanted pacemakers were not recommended because these patients might face serious complications, such as interference with pacemaker operation, damage to system components, lead or pacemaker dislodgement or change in pacing capture threshold. Since its approval, the Hospital has already implanted three of the devices, the most in Palm Beach County.

Developed by Medtronic, the Revo MRI SureScan pacing system is the first of its kind in the U.S. and was designed to address safety concerns around MRI procedures for patients who have implanted pacemakers. MRI scanners may cause traditional pacemakers to misinterpret MRI-generated electrical noise and withhold pacing therapy or deliver unnecessary pacing therapy.

“The new Revo MRI pacemaker is a major technological breakthrough for patients who need access to a MRI in the present or the future. Providing pacemaker patients with access to MRI allows detection and treatment of serious medical conditions such as stroke, cancer, and a wide variety of important neurologic and orthopedic conditions.” — E. Martin Kloosterman, MD, Electrophysiologist at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

The number of patients with pacemakers is growing at the same time that the use of MRI is increasing. MRI is often preferred by physicians because it provides a level of detail and clarity not offered by other soft tissue imaging modalities.

It has been estimated that 50 to 75 percent of patients with electronic cardiac devices will likely need an MRI over their device’s lifetime. Furthermore, more than 200,000 patients annually in the U.S. have to forego a MRI scan because they have a pacemaker. The Revo MRI SureScan pacing system can help address this important unmet patient need
The protocol involved in the use of the Revo MRI SureScan pacing system includes that the patient undergo an MRI in a 1.5 Tesla Magnet scanner and that the pacemaker is newly implanted. Patients with pacemakers other than this most current device are not recommended for MRI scans. The newly developed pacing system has been used safely in nearly 500 patients studied in European and American trials.

“This is a dramatic development regarding medical imaging and electronic implantable devices such as pacemakers. It is an especially significant advance for an older patient population that requires pacing. It is yet another reflection of cutting-edge technology that Boca Raton Regional Hospital provides to cardiovascular patients in our region,” said Dr. Kloosterman.



About Boca Raton Regional Hospital — Medicine. Redefined.
Born out of community need in 1967, Boca Raton Regional Hospital is an advanced tertiary medical center ( with 400 beds and more than 800 primary and specialty physicians on staff. The Hospital is a recognized leader in oncology, cardiovascular disease and surgery, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics, women’s health and emergency medicine, all of which offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging capabilities. The Hospital is a Joint Commission Designated Primary Stroke Center.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence by HealthGrades, a leading independent healthcare ratings organization. This marks the seventh year in a row that the Hospital has received this national recognition. Other 2011 HealthGrades rankings include: #1 in Florida for overall cardiac services and cardiac surgery, #1 in Florida for treatment of stroke, #2 in Florida for gastrointestinal services, and #3 in Florida for gastrointestinal medical treatment. This is the second consecutive year that the Institution is ranked number one in the state of Florida for cardiac surgery. The Hospital is also the recipient the 2010/2011 HealthGrades Women’s Health Excellence Award and the 2010 HealthGrades Emergency Medicine Excellence Award.



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