Carlisle Regional Medical Center's CEO of the Year

John Kristel of Carlisle Regional Medical Center was named "CEO of the Year" by Health Management Associates—an exclusive award given to those exemplifying leadership and operational excellence.

CARLISLE, PA — John Kristel was one of five leaders to receive the coveted title “CEO of the Year” by Health Management Associates. Nominees were chosen by their division presidents for this system-wide recognition. Health Management wanted to publicly thank these leaders for their dedication, and share in what high esteem they are regarded both in the hospitals they run and the communities they serve.

"John has been with Health Management for 2 years and has consistently proven himself to be one of the best in the healthcare industry. John truly lives up to our mission at Health Management. His outstanding personal performance and his leadership influence resulted in high quality care and committed Associates and Physicians.” — Britt Reynolds, Division President at Health Management.

Winners of the “CEO of the Year” award were recognized at a company meeting earlier this month. Other categories included “Nurse of the Year”, “Associate of the Year” and “Director of the Year”. Each winner ultimately shares the good traits that Health Management works hard to foster through its culture.

“John is a great leader and we are very fortunate to have him on our team. But knowing John, I am sure he would give all the credit this honor brings to the outstanding Associates at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. John and the team do an absolutely wonderful job of providing high quality care for our patients and their families,” said Gary Newsome, President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Management.










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