Doing More With Less

In a time of over-used clichés and challenging economic conditions, here is one that is more relevant than ever for the medical community: doing more with less.

From a financial standpoint, not only is that some of the best advice you may receive now days, but it may also be the easiest to embrace. The term treasury management is certainly not new, but the ideas and solutions generated in this specialty area are cutting edge. To put it another way, appropriate and customized use of treasury management solutions are the key in allowing you to do more with less.

At the heart of treasury management it is pretty simple: Embrace technology, be committed to innovation, and  create efficiencies.

Collection and Disbursement Solutions

Efficient cash management can be a challenge for any medical business large or small. Money flows into your business, perhaps slower than you would like. Money flows out of your business, perhaps without as much control as you would like. Money sits idle at times, often without being put to full productive use.

By embracing technology, it is possible, if not imperative, to do more with less. There are many possible solutions that medical practices can use to increase control over their cash flow:

  • Medical image lox box
  • Fraud prevention – Positive Pay and account blocking
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) services
  • Remote deposit
  • Merchant services
  • Zero balance accounts
  • Wire transfer services

Information Management Solutions

In addition, managing the flow of critical information and banking activities can be more time consuming and costly than necessary. With the right customized package of treasury management tools, your business collection, disbursement and information management processes can be made more efficient so your cash flow can be optimized like never before. Idle money can be put to quick, productive use to either earn or save more money for your company.

Like running any other business, it is important for a medical practice to be able to make informed and timely financial decisions. With the help of technology, the world of treasury management offers a wide array 
of solutions:

  • Online balance and transaction reporting
  • Deposit reconciliation
  • CD-ROM (paid checks and statements)
  • ACH returns reporting
  • Account reconciliation services
  • Check return services
  • EDI notification for ACH credits  and
  • Data transmissions/file delivery options

Treasury management is all about creating efficiencies by utilizing innovative technology. The result is that doing more with less is possible, and the good news is that the commitment to innovation and the commitment to the medical community is stronger now than ever.

Howard H. Lutz is Senior Vice President, private banking manager for Amegy Bank of Texas, San Antonio. He leads a team of professionals that work extensively with physicians and hand in hand with bankers from all lines of business enabling clients to receive one-on-one, personalized solutions and comprehensive service at any time.

The private banking team specializes in meeting and anticipating the needs of doctors, corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, wealthy individuals and families who expect and deserve excellence and seek personalized relationship banking.

For more information, Lutz can be reached at (210) 343-4555 or

MD News March 2011, San Antonio



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