Governor Granholm Signs "Complete Streets" Legislation

As part of Governor Granholm’s “Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan” coalition, MSMS is proud to announce that the Governor has signed the “Complete Streets” resolution (HCR 34).

The resolution would encourage cities, villages and townships to include a plan for bicyclists and pedestrians when renovating streets. This could include more sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks. It would require the Michigan Department of Transportation to set up a similar policy, and create a committee of several different groups to oversee its enforcement.

The vote in the Senate was 30-0, with eight senators not voting.

Fighting child obesity is a major goal of the Michigan State Medical Society Future of Medicine [pdf] initiative and the MSMS Board of Directors Strategic Plan.

Read MSMS's Strategic Plan to fight child obesity [pdf].

For more information about MSMS efforts to fight child obesity, contact Rebecca Blake at 517-336-5729 or

Source: Michigan State Medical Society



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