About MD News

MD News is an award-winning business and practice-management publication for leading physicians and surgeons. The magazine offers a sophisticated form of marketing that builds relationships with colleagues and clients through a collection of articles, the majority of which are sponsored by select underwriters and advertisers.

Local editions of MD News are published in major markets across the United States, creating a national footprint with unparalleled local impact. Content underwriters and advertisers in MD News gain powerful opportunities for targeted marketing by reaching our select readership of the most influential people in the medical industry in a high-quality editorial environment.

Each issue of MD News contains a wide array of relevant national and local information of great interest and importance to physicians. The articles highlight leaders in the medical field doing groundbreaking work, along with a variety of medical, business and practice-management topics such as hospice care, HIPAA compliance, Medicare, genetics and alternative medicine, as well as stories related to personal finance and retirement planning.

Through its highly targeted circulation strategy, MD News provides underwriters and advertisers valuable access to readers with tremendous buying power. To increase the exposure and impact of your marketing messages, MD News also offers a strategic reprint program that allows you to leverage your article as it appears within the publication as a stand-alone marketing resource.

Local Editions

Do you have a unique program or clinical success story you’d like to position at the focus of the local healthcare community? Select one of the MD News local editions below to learn how you can expand your reach.

Digital Editions

MD News now offers an eco-friendly companion to its printed publications. Each Digital Edition gives you the ability to flip through the pages of the magazine, while providing direct links to a number of websites, email addresses and valuable resources.

A variety of customizable options are available within the Digital Edition to help you promote your products or services. Contact your local publisher for more information.


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